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This is a high performance Tri fin designed for the bigger surfer who is after a combination of performance, good paddle power and ease of riding. It is a version of my high-performance short board with extra length width and thickness to suit a more mature or heavier surfer who still wants to rip. Features:
  • a low entry rocker for paddling and planing speed;
  • a single-to-double concave bottom with an accelerated tail rocker for speed and quick rail to rail direction changes;
  • a bump wing with the bump positioned slightly forward of the back foot which shortens the rail line and allows for a tight turning radius for radical moves;
  • a rounded square tail which allows for ease of pivoting through tight turns but custom order options includes a round pin or a swallow tail.
The Big Guy comes exclusively with FCS Tri Fins and the size range is from 6'8" up to 7'6".