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We offer the Quad fin set-up on the Puffer Fish, Flying Fish, Spitfire, and the Mega Twin, but our most popular version is on the Rocket model, due to the fact that this board is designed to work in a variety of conditions from 1 to 6 foot. Performance Characteristics:
  • compared to a thruster, they still have a positive feel but are looser and easier to turn;
  • compared to a twin fin, they still have the looseness, but are more predictable in their response.
When using a Quad set-up the features remain the same as the original model on which it is based. Standard fins are FCS Quads with custom order options of 5 sets of plugs, so the board can be ridden as a thruster. The positioning of the front Quad fins is the same as a thruster, so the addition of an extra set of plugs provides for a 3rd thruster fin. The size range is from 5'8" up to 7'6".