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-  The Mega Twin  -

This model takes a step back and a step forward, embracing the past while also looking to the future. The idea was to design a board with modern performance features while including some of the great design aspects that have fuelled the Retro revival, such as more paddle power, better small wave planing speed, and with an emphasis on being fun and easy to ride. Compared to the MR Super Twin, the Mega Twin has:
  • increased width and thickness and a flatter deck;
  • a lower nose rocker.
It retains the original Retro wing-swallow tail and has a single-to-double concave bottom for high-performance moves. The fin set-up for the Super Twin is FCS MR TF Glassflex twin fins with a small rear stabilizer. The board can be ridden with one of three fin configurations:
  1. as a twin fin only;
  2. as a twin fin with a small rear stabiliser;
  3. as a twin fin with a larger stabiliser eg. FCS M2 for bigger surf.
It is also available with the custom order option of an FCS Quad fin set-up. The size range is from 5'8" up to 7'6".