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SURFBOARDS    -   MR  -  1976'Bustin DowntheDoor' -Wing-PinSingleFin12_12  -

-   MR  -
-  1976'Bustin DowntheDoor' -Wing-PinSingleFin12_12  -

  • 1976-'BustinDowntheDoor'-Wing-PinSingleFin12_11
  • 1976-'BustinDowntheDoor'-Wing-PinSingleFin12_12
  • 1976-'BustinDowntheDoor'-Wing-PinSingleFin12_31
  • 1976-'BustinDowntheDoor'-Wing-PinSingleFin12_32
This is my interpretation of the 1976 Reno Abellira magenta and yellow gun which is shown in the movie Bustin Down the Door, and on which I had great competitive success. The original board was 7'8", 19" wide, and 2 7/8" thick. The outline is classic single fin with a full nose, wide point above centre, and a drawn in tail to give it holding power in big surf. Features:
  • the deck is flat with plenty of rail volume, which carries right up in to the beak nose, making it really easy to paddle;
  • the bottom shape is a subtle spiral V starting 1/3 back from the nose and becoming more pronounced in the tail section of the board;
  • it has small concave flutes in the wings for added holding power when turning.
Stock is a wing pin but it is also available as a wing swallow and the size range is from 7'0" up to 7'8". Stock is with the magenta and yellow spray, with lightning bolts top and bottom. The board is glassed in 6oz with a set single fin and a gloss and polish finish.  It is also available without the spray and bolts and/or with a wet & dry finish. If you want to ride some 'waves of consequence' with the dependability of a single fin when driving off the bottom, then this is the board for you.