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SURFBOARDS    -   MR  -  1979 Single Fin Rounded Pin  -

-   MR  -
-  1979 Single Fin Rounded Pin  -

I had a lot of competitive success on single fins from the mid to late 70's. I rode single fins up until 1982 in big surf. My single fin designs were influenced by my shaping heroes of the single fin era, such as Dick Brewer, Reno Abellira, Gerry Lopez, Tom Parrish, Jim Richardson, Geoff McCoy, and Ben Aipa. Features:
  • retro thickness and volume, which make it a dream to paddle;
  • an area round pin,  which is great for tube-riding.
This board is available with a choice of bottom shapes:
  • the original spiral V for the true retro feel or
  • a more modern concave to V which gives it more responsiveness in small surf
The secret to enjoying single fins is to find a wave with a wall, bust out the 'soul man' moves, feel the wave and enjoy the flow. A set fin is standard but a fin box can be custom ordered. Finish is gloss and polish with 70's era spray design and the size range is from 5'8" up to 6'8".