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SURFBOARDS    -   MR  -  1982 Concave Retro Twin Fin  -

-   MR  -
-  1982 Concave Retro Twin Fin  -

This is a new model for 2009. It is based on my 1982 Retro Twin Fin, and while it is still retains features from the past it has been influenced by modern performance surfboards in the bottom shape. Features:
  • a narrower nose and curvier tail template than the 1980;
  • a state of the art single to double concave bottom which gives the board incredible speed and responsiveness;
  • the classic wing-swallow tail;
  • the thickness distribution of Retro designs is retained for great paddle power.
This board has the appearance of a Retro, but with a single-to-double concave bottom it feels like a modern board.   Set fins are standard but FCS Fiberglass fins are available as a custom order. The size range is from 5'8" up to 6'8".