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This is a new model for Summer 2012/13. My aim was to make a board with a hybrid fish–style fuller nose, but with a pulled in tail to allow for aggressive surfing. For the tail I have used a double bump wing with a rounded swallow tail corner, so it would go up on a rail easily when turning. I have combined this outline with a modern low rocker, concave bottom and rail design. I used an old 1980's template for the nose and a 70's double bump wing round swallow template for the tail. Features:
  • a full pointed nose with a low entry rocker for planing speed and ease of catching waves;
  • a single to double concave bottom with an accentuated V like spine in the double concave which gives it an easy rail to rail transition;
  • a double wing swallow to reduce the tail area which allows for quick direction changes and assists rail to rail transition;
  • a swallow tail for bite and holding power through turns, but with a rounded corner on the swallow tips to keep the tail free and loose.
Even though this is a hybrid fish, it is still designed to surf from rail to rail and can turn a small sloppy surf session into a ton of fun. Standard fin set-up is FCS thruster. Can be custom ordered with a Twin Fin set-up of 2 FCS twin fins plus FCS rear stabilizer or FCS Quad set-up, or FCS 5 sets of plugs ( Quad / Thruster combo). The size range is from 5'8" up to 7'2".