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Geoff McCoy made me a 'double ender' single fin in the mid 70's and I always loved how it looked and how it performed. I had always been keen to do my own version of this board, updating it with modern features, and so evolved the Flying Saucer. For the outline I used various parts of my old templates, and it was a total hand-shape from a raw blank.  I used an old 70's outline template, married it to a modern low rocker, with even thickness distribution throughout, to create a board that paddled well and was easy to ride in a variety of conditions. You could call it a 'quiver killer' as this one board will cover you for almost everything. Think of it as a 'blown-up' easier- to- ride shortboard, or a refined hybrid fish. Features:
  • Thickness carried up into the first 12" of the nose to improve floatation and paddling
  • No wings, which increases the tail area, which helps to keep it gliding in small surf
  • A constant clean outline template
  • Low nose rocker for planing over dead sections
  • A single-to-double concave bottom
  • A flatter than normal deck roll resulting in increased volume in the rail to stop it sinking in small surf. Also great for paddling.
There are 3 options for the tail shape:
  • stock as a round tail
  • a swallow tail
  • a rounded square tail.
The standard fin set-up is an FCS 3 fin Thruster but can be custom ordered with 5 sets of plugs to give you the Quad / Thuster option. Size range is from 5'6" up to 7'6".