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My take on the whole mini-mal revolution is that the majority of surfers out there aren't remotely interested in nose riding. Longboard customers just want a board that will be easy to catch waves, have plenty of flotation, and reasonably good turning ability for its size. With this in mind I have tried to incorporate as much short board technology into them as possible, to increase performance and ease of turning. Features:
  • a slight nose kick, to make it less likely to nose dive on a late take-off;
  • a bump wing rounded square tail, for responsive turning;
  • a single to double concave bottom for speed;
  • a surfboard rail shape to give it some holding power and a positive feel when turning.
I have been making this shape with slight updates each year since the early 1990's and it is a proven performer.  Sizes are 7'6", 8'1", 8'6", which come with FCS Tri fins, and 9'1" which comes with the option of FCS Tri Fins or single fin box with 2 FCS side fins.