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SURFBOARDS    -   MR  -  Step Up _ Big Wave Gun  -

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-  Step Up _ Big Wave Gun  -

These models are designed for good 6 foot plus surf in your local area and as a travel board for surf trips to performance waves. The Step Up / Big Wave Gun is a high-performance piece of equipment which has great maneuverability on the open face, is fast and easy to turn, but still has the ability to hold in and feel positive in critical situations. Features:
  • a narrow more streamlined outline template compared to a regular board, which enables the board to feel positive in bigger waves;
  • a shallow single-to-double concave bottom for down the line speed and tube riding;
  • a fine rail and a thin tail with a hard edge to give the board plenty of 'bite' in bigger waves;
  • a round pin tail, with the custom order option of a swallow tail.
Size range is from 6'6" up to 7'8". FCS Fins are standard but we also offer the option of set fi