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The Rocket has become incredibly popular. It was developed in response to customer feedback for an all-round board that can be ridden in all types of surf, and fits between a thruster and a fish. It is the perfect board for the customer who wants to own only one board for surf in the 2 to 6 foot range. Features:
  • a full pointed nose with more area than a regular thruster, but less area than a fish;
  • a low nose rocker for planing speed and paddle power;
  • a single-to-double concave bottom with a deep double concave and an accelerated tail rocker which results in s fast responsive performance;
  • a double bump wing swallow which retains the area under the back foot but reduces the area in the board for good holding power when turning.
Standard fin set-up is FCS thruster but it can be custom ordered with an FCS Twin Fin set-up with an FCS stabilizer fin, or an FCS Quad set-up. The size range is from 5'8" up to 7'6".