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The Spitfire comes with an FCS thruster fin set-up. It shares the same outline template, rails and rocker as the Super Twin. It is an alternative to the super Twin for the dedicated thruster rider. Features:
  • a wider outline template with a low entry rocker for planing speed and paddle power;
  • an accelerated tail rocker for quick direction changes;
  • single to double concave bottom for down the line speed;
  • the classic MR wing-swallow tail shape with a 45 degree angled wing. The swallow gives the board good bite through turns and the wing increases the area under the back foot for improved performance surfing.
The board performs great in 2 to 6 foot surf. It is the ideal all-round board for the surfer who chooses to own just one board for all conditions.  The size range is from 5'8" up to 7'6".