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Da Sting is my recreation of a board invented by Ben Aipa in Hawaii in the early 70's. It was ridden by all the hot young Hawaiian surfers, including Larry Bertleman, Dane Kealoha, and Buttons. I rode a lot of these stingers in the mid-70's and had great competitive success in Stubbies, Bells and Coke / 2SM Surfabout events. If you love the feel of a Retro surfboard, this is a great option. It looks impressive and is great fun to ride. Features:
  • wide nose with a very flat deck and high volume rail which makes them really easy to paddle;
  • a cut-away rail in the back third of the board which enables the board to pivot on the sting and point of the swallow tail when turning, resulting in far more responsiveness and maneuverability compared to a standard single fin design;
  • a modern, shallow single-to-double concave bottom to give it plenty of speed , and improve the performance characteristics of the original.
The size range is from 5'8" up to 6'8" with a gloss and polish finish. 70's era colour sprays and set fins are standard, however a Fin Box is available as a custom order option.